Our Services

Plant Kingdom Garden Centre doesn’t stop at just plants. We believe that our service continues even after you buy plants. Helping you in nurturing the plant and keeping it healthy and thriving is also very important to us. This is why our nursery is a one stop shop that enables you to set-up complete garden from scratch. The nursery has pots and planters with unique designs, colors and shapes; soil; manure; fertilizers; gardening tools, accessories and its available all the time.

We are expert at providing following services –

  • Consultancy including design consultancy
  • Nurserymen
  • Landscaping, garden development, orchard development and maintenance
  • Flowering pot plants, fruits plants, avenue trees, water n aquatic plants, vertical garden plants, ground covers, climbers, and creepers etc.
  • Lilies, bulbous plants, ferns, palms, cycads, vegetables, herbs, medicinal, cacti, succulents, bonsais and bamboos etc.
  • Various varieties of seeds including flower bulbs, flower seeds, herb seeds exotic vegetable seeds, kitchen garden seeds, imported flower seeds etc.
  • Pots and planters – plastic, ceramic, fiber, stainless-steel, aluminum, earthen, vertical pot panels, hanging baskets, railing planters, trays and vases etc.
  • Soil, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, organic plant fertilizers, vermi-compost, neem-manure, plant growth promoter etc.
  • Seedling/Germination tray
  • Cut flowers
  • Artificial lawn grass, pebbles, rocks etc.
  • Garden accessories and tools – lawn care tools, plant care tools, watering accessories, soil care tools and other garden tools.

Making our Nursery a ‘ One stop shop‘ for all plant enthusiasts.