About Us

Plant kingdom Garden Centre is a hi-tech Nursery known for growing both indigenous as well as exotic varieties of plants in Udaipur. The Nursery is unique as numerous varieties of plants from abroad are sowed, grown and developed under the local temperature and climatic conditions. The idea and interest developed in 1999 when a piece of land was purchased by Late Mr. Bhawar Lal Ji Bolia in the drops of Aravalli’s near Sisarma. The farm has been in operation for past 16 years, and it has been a huge success. Today we have around 400 species of plants in our nursery.

The base of farming is organic and one can find many varieties of plants. The exotic varieties of flowers which are grown at the nursery are Tulip, Ranunculus, Zantedeschia, Gerbera, Oxalis, Lillium oriental, Lillium asiatic, Lillium amaryllis, Hyacinth, Gladiolus, Iris, Tritonia, Daffodil, Anemone, Narcissus, Crocus, Carniation, Freesia etc.

Fruits like Lychee, Citrus maxima, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Fig, Coconut, Banana, Guava weighing as much as a kg, and as many as 10 varieties of Mango, Pomegranate, Papaya, Chikoo etc., which come from entirely different habitats and climates are successfully grown in the nursery.

Apart from propagating our own plants, we also source them from some of the largest nurseries all over India. This ensures a constant supply of highest quality of indoor, outdoor, ornamental plants and fruit trees.

We also undertake landscaping and garden development and maintenance projects. We are involved in both contracting and consulting projects. In addition, we supply plants on both wholesale and retail basis.

We have become the most preferred choice of our clients due to outstanding services and exceptional products. The factors that have kept us ahead from other market players are:

  • Quality plants
  • Completion of projects within time
  • Customer friendly pricing
  • Product differentiation

We are customer focused and that is reflected in our style and attention to detail. The ‘personal touch’ is very important to us and it is our constant endeavor to provide the best service to our clients. Moreover, our dedicated team has a wealth of experience between them and their advice is always available for the clients.

We also provide free advice to customers on how to take care of their plants. From teaching them about watering and fertilizing to humidity, light requirements, containers and cleaning, we comprehensively prepare them for being close with their plants. The nursery is just a phone call away when it comes to plant care and advice.

We aim to encourage people to reconnect with nature and motivate youngsters to take up gardening as a hobby.

Our vision is simple: Bringing people closer to nature.